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The Security Risks of Virtual Personal Assistants (Part 1)

Have you ever noticed someone talking into their Smartphone, asking a specific question?  Or have you witnessed a Smartphone talking its owner, giving exact...

Bank of Scotland’s New £100 Banknote Honors Dr. Flora Murray

On 9 May 2022, the Bank of Scotland, one of the three issuers of Scottish banknotes, will put into circulation a new £100 banknote...

President Macron signs Digital ID Guarantee Service Decree

On April 26, newly re-elected French President Emmanuel Macron officially signed into law the Digital Identity Guarantee Service (SGIN) decree, which is intended to provide...

Vending Machine Matches User ID to Unique Vein Pattern

Biometric authentication provider FinGo has launched a retail solution that integrates its biometric payment and age verification technologies. At a FinGoVend vending machine, the user (customer)...

Tunisia Issues New 5-Dinars and 50-Dinars Banknotes

The Central Bank of Tunisia has put into circulation two new Tunisian banknotes of fifty dinars and five dinars. Both notes were released on...

Five Top Security Risks of Multi-Function Printers

When it comes to Cybersecurity, the first thought that usually come to mind are protecting your devices, servers, and all the endpoints that serve...