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Cape Verde releases a new 200 escudo banknote made of cotton

The Bank of Cabo Verde (BCV) has released the new 200 escudo banknote last Friday, 8 January 2021. “Given the centenary of the birth of Cape...
cuba u.s.

Cuba Does Away with Its Dual Currency System

Cuba Does Away with Its Dual Currency System The start of 2021 has delivered a long-awaited change in Cuba: the end of the country’s dual...

An Overview Into The GDPR – Part 2

Introduction In this article, we continue with our topic of the GDPR. The Conditions Under Which A Business Can Process PII Any business that is bound by...

Zimbabwe releases new banknote denominations

In order to increase physical money supply, curb cash shortages and improve transacting convenience, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) will soon introduce a...

Oman issues new banknote denominations

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) is releasing new banknote denominations • 20 Rials • 10 Rials • 5 Rials • 1 Rial • ½ Rial • 100 Baisa This edition...

Egypt to issue polymer banknotes for first time

As reported by Ahram Online, The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is planning to issue Polymer banknotes for the first time in June. The issuance...

Azerbaijan to issue updated banknotes

According to Trend, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) are expected to put new updated banknotes into circulation in January 2021. The 1, 5, and...

Albania’s 3 new banknotes by the end of 2021

As reported by RTSH, Albania will introduce three new banknotes this year. By the end of 2021, a new denomination of 10 thousand lek will...

Singapore Airlines’ New Digital Health Passport for Passengers

Over the December holiday travel season, Singapore Airlines announced it was introducing a new digital verification process for passengers’ coronavirus test results and vaccination...
taiwan passport

Taiwan set  to roll out new redesigned passport

Taiwan is prepared to begin issuing new redesigned passports on January 11, this has been reported by RTI. The new passports will have a new...