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New Thai banknotes celebrating coronation

A new collection of banknotes has been unveiled by The Bank of Thailand. The banknotes have been released in order to celebrate the royal coronation...

Maledives introduces two new visa’s

A second amendment to the Maldives Immigration Act was approved by President Ibrahim Mohamed. This new law introduces two additional visa options. A co-operate resident visa...
United Kingdom Bulgaria

Bulgarians Can visit the UK Without Visa 2021

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgarian citizens will be able to enter the UK without a visa from 1 January 2021. They...
smartphone security

Title: How To Protect Your Smartphone – Part 2

Introduction In this article, we continue to examine some of the remediative actions that you can take to protect your wireless devices. The Best Practices Keep up...

Mexican Bank issues new 1000 pesos bill

The Central Bank of Mexico has issued a new 1000 pesos bill. These new bills are part of the G series. The new version of the...

New Versions of Danish banknotes

Danmarks Nationalbank will introduce new 500-krone in Denmark on 17 November 2020. Other denominations of banknotes are due to be issued in new versions over...
costa rica

Costa Rica put new banknotes into circulation

The Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR) reports that the New Recyclable Plastic Banknotes will come into circulation from November 26 until early 2021. The...
100 pesos

New 100 peso banknote put into circulation

The Central Bank of Mexico has put a new 100 peso banknote into circulation last Thursday. This bill is the third in a new...

How To Protect Your Smartphone – Part 1

Introduction Our last two articles examined the major threats that are posed to Smartphones.  In this article, we examine some of the remediative actions that...

Iran’s new banknote with light coloring

The Central Bank of Iran has put a new 100000 banknote into circulation. The new banknote has been printed in new dimensions with improved security...