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nhs covid app

NHS COVID-19 app launches in UK

People across England and Wales are being encouraged to download the new National Health Service (NHS) COVID-19 app to help control the spread of...
switzerland eu

Swiss voters are pro free movement with EU

The majority of Swiss citizens have voted against a proposal to end a free movement deal with the European Union. In a referendum held over...
malta id card

Malta rolls out new high-tech ID cards

The new Maltese ID cards have reportedly entered circulation. Alex Muscat, Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, previously said that apart from the aesthetic changes,...
tax scam

Part 2: The top tax scams in 2020

In Part 2 of this series, we continue with the remaining tax scams. Click here to read Part 1. The cancellation of your Social Security...

Key information security terms to know

Information security and cloud security terms can be hard to follow — especially with all those acronyms like DLP, SAML, and more. As cloud...
singapore id

Singapore to include facial tech in digital ID

Singapore has made a deal with iProov to provide face verification technology used in the country's national digital identity system. ZDNet reports the UK firm’s...

Gibraltar to become part of Schengen Zone?

Authorities in Spain have proposed to add Gibraltar to the Schengen Zone after the Brexit transition period, in order to facilitate movement between these...
thales swedish

Thales produces 12 million Swedish documents

French technology company Thales has announced that its subsidiary AB Svenska Pass has been awarded the contract to manufacture, personalise and deliver around 12...
schengen visa

Expired Schengen Visa holders must leave Germany

Holders of expired Schengen Visas who have been stranded in Germany due to COVID-19 have been asked to leave the country before 1 October. Schengen...
tax scams

Part 1: The top tax scams in 2020

Introduction As we get closer to 15 October, this can mean only thing that most Americans hate doing: paying taxes (of course, if you are...

UN Event: Global Support for Digital Public Infrastructure

As part of the SDG Action Weekend led by the United Nations, countries, leaders, philanthropies, and multilateral organizations pledged their support to build a...

Physical & Behavioral Biometric Technologies: Part 16

In a previous article, Ravi Das introduced keystroke recognition technology, including how it works and what it measures. Here he outlines the strengths and...

Final Days for Paper Banknotes in Northern Ireland, Scotland

The Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers, on behalf of Bank of Ireland UK and Ulster Bank, has announced that all Northern Ireland paper £50...

Physical & Behavioral Biometric Technologies: Part 15

The last two articles in this extensive series addressed signature recognition technology. Now, expert author Ravi Das moves on to introduce the topic of...

LIVE BLOG: Alaska Airlines digital app allows passengers to verify their U.S. passport before...

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