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us work visa

Work visa ban creates 525,000 American jobs

President Donald Trump has temporarily suspended new work visas and barred hundreds of thousands of foreigners from seeking employment in the United States. New York...
germany coronavirus

Germany ‘at risk of second wave’ of COVID-19

Germany’s Gütersloh area will re-enter lockdown after a COVID-19 outbreak at a meat-processing plant. Deutsche Welle reports the district – home to around 100,000 people...
us passport

Backlog of 1.7 million US passports

As restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic begin to ease, many US citizens are ready to resume travel for business and pleasure. Those who...
us visa burundi

US imposes visa sanctions on Burundi

The USA has stopped issuing visas to nationals of the East African nation of Burundi. The Department of Homeland Security says Burundi’s failure to cooperate...
missouri licence

Missouri driver’s licence gets new design

The Missouri Department of Revenue started issuing driver’s licences with a new design. ID Scanner reports some changes include designated header colours for different types...
spain coronavirus

Spain lifts national state of emergency

In an effort to restart its economy, Spain ended its national state of emergency after three months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic,...

How to reduce e-waste and save the environment

Introduction As technology keeps advancing at a rapid pace, so does the useful life of these devices. For example, on average, there is a new...
sudan banknote

New Sudanese pound banknote planned

The Central Bank of Sudan plans to issue a revised SDG 200 banknote.
right to remain uk

Millions granted right to remain in UK after Brexit

More than 3.3 million citizens from the European Union and European Economic Area have been granted the right to remain in the UK after...
us mexico border

US, Mexico extend border restrictions

Travel restrictions at the US-Mexico border will remain in place until 21 July. “Mexico and the United States have agreed to extend for 30 days...