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palm vein technology

Hyosung upgrades ATMs with palm vein technology

Hyosung has integrated its self-service ATMs with Fujitsu palm vein biometric authentication technology to increase security. The South Korean company says by integrating Fujitsu’s PalmSecure...
eu travel list

Only 15 countries on ‘safe list’ to enter EU

The European Union has revealed a new list of countries that will be allowed to enter the bloc from 1 July when external borders...

E-commerce threatens consumers

A new report highlights the “huge” threat of e-commerce counterfeiting during the coronavirus crisis, driving demand for more investment in security devices, says a...
fibre optics

8 myths of compatible optics debunked

What are fibre optics? As devices become interconnected with another, especially as the Internet of Things (IoT) further evolves, network connections will have to become...
finland coronavirus

Finland allows nationals to entry from 12 countries

Authorities in Finland have decided to permit entry for the citizens of 12 European countries, saying that these countries have COVID-19 under control in...
fake banknotes

‘Super Leu’ counterfeiting gang arrested

Romanian authorities have arrested a man known as the world’s best forger of high-security plastic banknotes. Bloomberg reports the operation was part of a crackdown...
apple safari

Apple launches biometric web authentication

Apple is launching a new Safari feature that allows developers to integrate Face ID and Touch ID authentication for the web. The feature is set...
germany schengen visa

Stranded Schengen Visa holders may work in Germany

Holders of expired Schengen Visas who are still stranded in Germany due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, may stay in the country until 30 September. Schengen...
myanmar banknote

All Myanmar banknotes to feature Aung San

The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) says it will introduce the image of independence hero General Aung San on all denominations of the country’s...
south korea drivers

South Korea launches digital driver’s licence

South Korean telecommunication companies have launched a digital driver's licence that will come in the form of a QR code and bar code. The plans...

UN Event: Global Support for Digital Public Infrastructure

As part of the SDG Action Weekend led by the United Nations, countries, leaders, philanthropies, and multilateral organizations pledged their support to build a...

Physical & Behavioral Biometric Technologies: Part 16

In a previous article, Ravi Das introduced keystroke recognition technology, including how it works and what it measures. Here he outlines the strengths and...

Final Days for Paper Banknotes in Northern Ireland, Scotland

The Association of Commercial Banknote Issuers, on behalf of Bank of Ireland UK and Ulster Bank, has announced that all Northern Ireland paper £50...

Physical & Behavioral Biometric Technologies: Part 15

The last two articles in this extensive series addressed signature recognition technology. Now, expert author Ravi Das moves on to introduce the topic of...

LIVE BLOG: Alaska Airlines digital app allows passengers to verify their U.S. passport before...

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