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italy travel coronavirus

Italy’s travel ban lift criticized

Christophe Castaner, Minister of Interior of France, says Italy should not have decided to reopen its borders next month without first consulting with some...
usa coronavirus

USA to extend COVID-19 travel ban

President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly preparing to extend travel restrictions and strict border control measures this week. CNN reports the latest restrictions indicate that...
italy travel

Italy takes ‘calculated risk’ to end travel bans

After months of isolation and travel bans, Italy has decided to open for travellers from other Schengen and EU Member States. Schengen Visa Info reports...

Part 2: What is the blockchain?

Important considerations of the blockchain There some important things to keep in mind about the blockchain, which are as follows: It is used in large,...
france germany coronavirus

France-Germany border to open by next month

The French Minister of Interior has agreed with his German counterpart to reopen the common borders by 15 June, where restrictions have been put...
spain coronavirus

Spain restricts arrivals from Schengen Area

The Spanish authorities have decided to take new measures in a bid to prevent another wave of new COVID-19 infections. Schengen Visa Info reports the...
zimbabwe banknotes

Zim: New notes to ‘curb illegal cash market’

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will introduce a new set of banknotes in the next few weeks to increase physical money supply and curb...
czech republic coronavirus

Czech overseas diplomatic offices open

Diplomatic offices of the Czech Republic in some countries have resumed their work after being closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus. Schengen Visa...
iris recognition

UnionCommunity’s iris recognition system

A non-contact biometric iris recognition system has been launched by UnionCommunity to address the growing demand for contactless identification in busy locations. The South Korean...
finland coronavirus

Finland announces new COVID-19 travel plans

Finland's government has decided to relax some of its precautionary measures taken in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19, as the country...

Kenya Kicks Off Digital Identity Pilot Program [Update]

Update: Just a month after Kenya launched the rollout its new digital identity pilot program, the country’s High Court has ordered the process be...

The UAE Introduces a New 500-Dirham Polymer Banknote

The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has announced the issuance of a new AED 500 (500-Dirham) banknote made of polymer. The announcement came...

Biometric Technologies of the Future: Earlobe Recognition

Expert author Ravi Das has, in previous articles, described DNA recognition and Gait recognition as physical biometric technologies of the future. Here, he presents...

Argentina Upgrades Its Relatively New 2,000-Pesos Banknote

On November 7, just months after issuing its first 2,000-pesos banknote, the Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA) has put into circulation an...

Busted: Belgian-Greek Network Smuggling Migrants with fake IDs

The following news story was released by Europe’s Border Security Report earlier this month. Authorities in Belgium and Greece have dismantled a network that was...