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uk visas coronavirus

UK automatically extends NHS workers’ visas

As part of the UK’s effort to combat coronavirus, doctors, nurses and paramedics will automatically have their visas extended, free of charge, for one...
russia coronavirus

Russia extends visas for foreigners

Visas for foreigners in Russia will be extended by 90 days regardless of the purpose of their visit due to the coronavirus outbreak. “Foreign citizens...
cambodia visa coronavirus

Cambodia starts suspending visas

Cambodia’s government has decided to suspend tourist visas, visas on arrival and e-visas to all foreign citizens from 30 March until 30 April. ScandAsia reports...
estonia passports

Estonia continues to issue passports

Estonia’s Police and Border Guard Board Agency says the country will continue to issue passports to its citizens stranded abroad despite the coronavirus crisis. Schengen...
the cloud

Part 1: Biometrics in The Cloud

The Cloud Before we delve any deeper as to what how biometric technology can be deployed into The Cloud, we must first have a basic...
tunisia banknote

Tunisia’s new banknote honours female doctor

Tunisia has issued a banknote honouring the country's first female doctor, Tawhida Ben Cheikh. Abdelaziz bin Said, director of the public treasury of the Central...
china coronavirus

China bans foreigners with visas, residence permits

China has banned foreigners with valid visas and residence permits from entering the country in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus....
japan visas coronavirus

Japan stops visas issued to 11 countries

Japan announced that it is suspending visas issued to 11 countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa due to the coronavirus. The Japanese Embassy...
document security white paper

New white paper highlights digital document revolution

A new White Paper that examines the implications of the transition from physical to digital security documents, has been published by Reconnaissance International. Physical to...
uae coronavirus

UAE eases work visa rules

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), where expatriates make up about 85% of the population, eased rules for renewing worker visas due to the coronavirus. Emirates...