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poland usa

Poland joined USA visa waiver

Poland has officially joined the USA Visa Waiver Programme. Poles can now spend up to 90 days in the US without a visa. According to reports,...
zimbabwe banknote

Zim dollars limited but ready

Zimbabwe finally has access to the new Z$2 and Z$5 banknotes and coins. The new currency was expected to start circulating on 11 November but...
blockchain technology

Azerbaijan to use blockchain ID platform

Azerbaijan is the latest country turning to the use of blockchain technology as a platform to verify identities. The country in the South Caucasus region...
Zimbabwean dollar

Zim asks: “Where’s the money?”

Zimbabwe’s new banknotes failed to arrive, leaving banks in confusion and customers frustrated. "Where's the money?", The Herald newspaper asked in an online report. According to...
facial recognition

Facial recognition to speed up hotel check-in

Hotels in Singapore are testing the use of facial recognition technology to speed up guests’ check-in times. Bloomberg reports that this initiative with the city-state’s...
Air France

French airports try biometric boarding

Air France and Aéroports de Paris (ADP) have agreed to roll out a biometric boarding pilot early next year. French news magazine L’Express reports the...
Cyrpys passport datapage

Cyprus axes EU ‘golden passport’

Cyprus has revoked the passports of 26 people who were granted citizenship through a controversial investment programme. Many have criticised the so-called “golden passport” scheme...

China’s e-currency will create ‘horse race’

China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) cryptocurrency project is set to create a “horse race” when it is launched, according to news reports. The central...

Softer rules for issuance of IDs in Bulgaria

In order to reduce administrative burden on Bulgarian citizens, the country’s Cabinet approved changes to the rules for issuing personal documents. The Sofia Globe reports...

Dual citizenship allowed in Norway

From next year onwards, Norway will allow dual citizenship for its citizens. This means that foreign residents who qualify for Norwegian nationalisation can keep their...