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banknote of the year

Banknote of the Year

The latest nominations received for the International Banknote Society’s Banknote of the Year are Kenya's 500-shilling note, Eastern Caribbean States’ 10-dollar note and Singapore's...

Regula Baltija Ltd.

With over 25 years on the hi-tech market, Regula offers trustworthy security equipment for identity checks and authentication of all types of security documents...
thailand e-visa

Thailand asks tourists to apply online for visas

Visitors from 18 countries, entitled to visas-on-arrival, are being advised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to apply online for their e-visa. News site Thai...

New Zealand changes partners visa conditions

Immigration New Zealand has changed the conditions for visa applications by its citizens’ partners. Earlier this year, new guidelines made it more difficult for couples...
taiwan visa

Taiwan releases e-visa for BiH travellers

In order to visit Taiwan, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can now apply for a visa online. This will shorten and assist the visa...

Jordan cuts visa restrictions to attract tourists

Jordan announced that visas to the Middle Eastern country can be obtained through its diplomatic missions abroad or border posts upon arrival for “restricted”...
singapore hong kong

Singapore clarifies confusion over passports

Singapore has clarified that Hong Kong passport holders do not need a visa to enter the city state. The Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong made...

Balkans want own version of Schengen Area

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia are looking to create their own free-travel zone, much like the Schengen Area. Albania and North Macedonia – who are...

Norway’s new 1000-krone note

Norway’s new 1000-krone banknotes were released this week, meaning that the new banknote series is now complete. According to the country's central bank, Norges Bank,...
donald trump

Trump wants 83% cost raise to become citizen

Becoming a US citizen may soon become too expensive to be afforded by the average person. Pres. Donald Trump’s administration reportedly wants to increase the...

Kenya Kicks Off Digital Identity Pilot Program [Update]

Update: Just a month after Kenya launched the rollout its new digital identity pilot program, the country’s High Court has ordered the process be...

The UAE Introduces a New 500-Dirham Polymer Banknote

The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) has announced the issuance of a new AED 500 (500-Dirham) banknote made of polymer. The announcement came...

Biometric Technologies of the Future: Earlobe Recognition

Expert author Ravi Das has, in previous articles, described DNA recognition and Gait recognition as physical biometric technologies of the future. Here, he presents...

Argentina Upgrades Its Relatively New 2,000-Pesos Banknote

On November 7, just months after issuing its first 2,000-pesos banknote, the Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA) has put into circulation an...

Busted: Belgian-Greek Network Smuggling Migrants with fake IDs

The following news story was released by Europe’s Border Security Report earlier this month. Authorities in Belgium and Greece have dismantled a network that was...