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Visa-free agreement by Cuba and Pakistan

A visa-free agreement has been signed by Cuba and Pakistan to facilitate the travel of officials of the two countries. Interior Secretary Azam Suleman and...

UK passport for only £2.30 a ‘serious threat’

An investigation has revealed that criminals are selling resources to create a British passport for just £2.30, as UK cybercrime communities continue to thrive. The...

Ghanaians don’t need visas for these six countries

Passport holders from Ghana with an ordinary or diplomatic passport will no longer require a visa for the following six countries: India Iran Colombia ...

National ID Card for all Fijians

Fiji is about to roll out National Identification Cards for all its citizens. Fiji’s Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the ID card will be...

New York’s free ID programme offers new benefits

New York City’s free identification card programme – IDNYC – will offer new benefits to the city’s 1.3 million cardholders starting next year. New York...

German visas sold to Lebanese clan

German authorities are on the hunt for an embassy worker who allegedly sold visa documents to members of a Lebanese clan. German newspaper Bild am...

One hundred Francs Suisse banknote

General information: Country : Switzerland Denomination: CHF 100 (franc) Dimensions: 144 x 70mm Material: composite substrate Date of issue: 12 September 2019 Issuing bank: Schweizerische Nationalbank   Remarks: The recently launched CHF 100...

‘VIP packages’ for illegal migrants

For a hefty amount of money, Vietnamese migrants can sign up for the so-called "VIP package" to the United Kingdom. $50,000 will (illegally) get you...

Samoa’s Pacific Games banknote

General information: Country : Samoa Denomination: WST 10 (tala) Dimensions: 140 x 72mm Material: polymer Date of issue: June 2019 Issuing bank: Central Bank of Samoa   Remarks: Issued to commemorate the 25th...

Moldova’s identity card

The Moldova's identity card went into circulation 14 May 2019.  General information: Issuing authority: Moldova Type: identity card Dimensions: 86 x 54 mm Material datapage: polycarbonate Printing technology: laser...