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Selection of biometric electoral enrolment systems

The issue of electoral integrity is one that plagues election commissions worldwide, from developed democracies such as the United States of America to rising...

New initiative to support document examination

To ensure that both frontline immigration and border control officers and document examiners can carry out their important responsibilities, the need for continuing support...

Secure colour personalisation

Due to the global use of electronic identity documents, conventional paper documents are increasingly being replaced by modern polymer cards. For these cards, polycarbonate...

Optical effect of novel structural colour OVD

Optically variable devices (OVDs) display special visual effects such as colour-shifting and image-shifting representation. OVDs which are composed of microscopic structures are quite different...

Transliteration of Arabic in MRTDs

ICAO specifies that when a name is β€œin a national language that does not use the Latin alphabet, a transliteration shall also be provided.” Although...