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Innovations in Optically Variable Devices

The increasing need for security is driving global adoption of advanced electronic ID documents as a primary means of confirming identity and right of...

The story of standardisation

In November 1944, 54 States attended the International Civil Aviation Conference in Chicago. At the end of this conference a Convention on International Civil...


INTERPOL’s Financial and High Tech Crime/Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (FHT/CSDB) is responsible for establishing programmes that provide forensic support, operational assistance and technical...

Designing better banknotes

The involvement of the general public in the testing of security features and banknote configurations can provide valuable information about the usability and security...

Current situation Dutch Passport Act

On 9 June 2009 the Dutch Upper House of Parliament approved a new Passport Act without a vote. The proposal was, however, the topic...

High Security Identification Documents

For anyone involved in the production of a high-security identification document the risk of the programme is a constant concern. Will the document look...