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Bonding solutions in e-Passports

In this article, Erwin Herzog describes how adhesives contribute to secure biometric and non-biometric passports during the production and personalisation stage and in daily...

E-passports and automated bordercrossing

Since the few years that electronic or e-Passports have been in use, considerable experience has been gained regarding their usage. It is obvious that,...

Smart card middleware technology

Smart card middleware is a software component connecting a smart card with an application such as a web browser. In this article, Markus Hoffmeister...

Multicoloured, 3D floating images

Today’s credential security technologies are largely concentrated in holographic foils, which offer the benefits of being overt and tamper-resistant. However, the low durability of...

Electronic identification

The main trend at the beginning of this millennium is that everything is going ‘e’: from health, commerce and police reports to hotel bookings....