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Keesing Journal 10

General interest: Passports: a world tour Assessing the identity chain Recently launched: Secure passport, secure citizen Travel documents since 2000: 2002 and 2003 Innovation: DID: A...

Keesing Journal 11

General interest: The e-passport and its impact on the traditional value chain Future ID and travel documents State and legal: Unlocking the ICAO PKI Recently launched: ...

Keesing Journal 12

State and legal: Biometrics in Seafarer's Identity Documents OSCE helps to improve security of travel documents Biometrics in migration management G-8 approve paper on...

Keesing Journal 13

General interest: Passports: a world tour A new symbol for instant recognition Optical Document Security, Third Edition Cases analysed: RFID Privacy in ID and travel...

Keesing Journal 14

General interest: Smartcards and smart solutions Smartcards and Identity Biometrics in migration management To e or not not e Innovation: Developing ePassport solutions that world Recently...

Keesing Journal 15

General interest: E-visa vs. e-passport - the way forward The integrity of travel document systems No trusting appearances E-passport security: implications for e-ID's Cases analysed: ...