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Keesing Journal 5

General interest: Ten new EU members, ten different passports Biometrics is here to stay ICAO: ICAO: setting standards for international civil aviation and MRDTs Innovation: Using...

Keesing Journal 6

Practical experience: From passport printer to full service provider Design: Banknotes from a distance and up close State and legal: UK government proposals for a national...

Keesing Journal 7

Practical experience: HKSAR ID documents from A to Z Malaysia is getting ready for its third generation passport Innovation: Enhanced security for chip-based ID cards ICAO: ...

Keesing Journal 8

Cases analysed: U.S. progress in imptementing biometrics in passports and visas Beyond the numbers Testing three types of e-passports Innovation: A smart alternative One 10...

Keesing Journal 9

ICAO: The ICAO PKI scheme- what's in it for me? General interest: Does privacy constrain security? Practical experience: Measuring security Recently launched: CAD banknote boasts new security...