1Kosmos, the only company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, announced on April 5 a partnership with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to provide automated driver’s license verification from within the BlockID platform. The integration of BlockID with AAMVA enables organizations to instantly confirm whether the data captured on the driver’s license is authentic via a nationwide registry of motor vehicles (RMV) lookup.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), driver’s licenses were one of the top 10 most breached data attributes in 2021. BlockID allows employers, government agencies and financial services providers to certify that a driver’s license provided by a new employee, citizen or customer during onboarding actually belongs to them based on RMV records. This capability automates identity verification and gives organizations an additional layer of confidence that the user is who they claim to be.

“It’s now common knowledge that fake driver’s licenses are freely available for purchase by anyone on the internet,” said Javed Shah, Vice President of Product Management for 1Kosmos. “This integration with AAMVA provides instant verification as to whether or not a driver’s license entered into BlockID is authentic.”

The AAMVA integration enhances 1Kosmos BlockID Verify’s existing out-of-the-box support for identity verification accuracy. This ability to check against AAMVA enables 1Kosmos to verify and secure identities at scale in the digital world. Organizations have always needed to verify identities, but the need for automated and accurate identity-proofing has become a requirement in today’s digital-first world. Which includes business-to-employee (e.g., I-9 employment eligibility), business-to-customer (e.g., Know Your Customer) and government-to-citizen identity verification. In addition, BlockID is certified to FIDO2 and NIST 800-63-3 standards to perform an instant IAL2 certified identity verification without requiring the individual to be present at a physical location.

Businesses that require identity proofing can initiate workflows through BlockID to verify a user’s identity, whereby they are required to scan their government issued document as well as provide live facial biometrics. The platform can match the live image and image from the ID document, and as an additional check, detect a falsified driver’s license by verifying the information against AAMVA records. With BlockID, users’ biometrics are always in their control and remain private since the captured data is encrypted and stored in the 1Kosmos private and permissioned blockchain. Allowing it to be shared at the user’s discretion when requested.

BlockID with support for AAMVA is available immediately from 1Kosmos and its business partners worldwide.

Source: Business Wire

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