Facial recognition techniques

With advances in biometrics technology and improvements in IT infrastructure, there is a growing acceptance of face recognition technologies in our daily lives. Arnoud...

EU initiatives in the ID document domain

In 2016, the EU Commission published its ‘Action plan to strengthen the European response to travel document fraud’. This article will discuss some major...

The Kyrgyz Republic launches new e-passport

A new e-passport for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic was successfully launched last month, according to Biometric Update and a LinkedIn article by IT project...
pakistan passport

Pakistan cancels 10-year extension fee

To facilitate Pakistan’s labour community working abroad, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced that the passport validity will be extended from five to ten...

False Alarm: Fake 500-Rupee Banknotes

A recent social media post caused great confusion by warning that Indian 500-rupee banknotes with the vertical green security stripe near the picture of...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Sorting Machines of Globalization: The Redefinition of Border

As the city torn by the Iron Curtain, Berlin uniquely represents the end of a world structured by border separation. In the fall of...