ulster bank

Northern Ireland’s Ulster Bank issues new £20

The Ulster Bank has issued Northern Ireland’s latest £20 banknote. Banknotestreet reports the note is part of the bank’s new “Living in Nature” family of...

EU agrees to give the UK ‘flextension’

The European Union has agreed to give the United Kingdom three more months to exit the bloc. “The EU27 has agreed that it will accept...
facial recognition

Russian schools get facial recognition cameras

facialFacial recognition-equipped cameras will reportedly be installed in over 43,000 Russian schools, The Moscow Times reports. Cameras have already been installed in over 1,608 schools...
schengen visa

Schengen visa rules set to change in 2020

The Schengen visa rules will change in February 2020. The Schengen visa is one of the most famous visas in the world, giving tourists the...
france digital currency

France tests digital currency in new year

France’s central bank Banque de France plans to pilot a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for financial institutions in 2020. The bank says the digital...

Keesing Documentchecker

Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

What are the key features of a modern electronic passport?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for the data page of their new electronic passports. The main...