US limits ‘birth tourism’ with new rule

The US has revealed new rules to prevent pregnant women from travelling to the country to give birth. BBC reports the US Department of States’...

A designer’s view

The banknote designer sits between satisfying strict technical requirements, and offering the world a touchstone onto a country’s distinctive culture. A good designer seamlessly...

New Ukrainian 200 hryvinia banknotes issued

The design of Ukraine's new 200 hryvinia banknotes has not changed much compared to the old bill. The same portrait of writer Lesya Ukrainka is...

The oldest biometric of all

Overview of the last article Our previous article dealt with what is deemed to be the ultimate biometric modality of all: retinal recognition. By itself, the...
hand geometry recognition

Hand geometry recognition: pros and cons

Ravi Das The biometric template creation process of hand geometry recognition To start the enrolment process with a hand geometry recognition system, a combination of both...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

The importance of when to conduct a network refresh

Introduction The level of connectivity that we have today would not be possible of course, without the sophisticated network infrastructure that exists. Whether it is...