usa iran

USA blocks E1, E2 visas for Iranians

Iranians will no longer be able to apply for the United States’ E1 and E2 trade and investment visas. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services...
mongolian tugrik

Mongolia gets new tugrik notes

The Central Bank of Mongolia announced the introduction of the improved notes of MNT 50 and MNT 20,000 into circulation. Banknotestreet reports the notes have...
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Hungary ends non-EEA Schengen entry ban

Hungary has reportedly become the first member of the European Union to abolish the Schengen entry ban for nationals not belonging to the European...
us mexico canada

US border with Canada, Mexico closed another month

Nonessential travel between the US and its two closest neighbours – Canada and Mexico – is expected to remain blocked until at least 21...

India’s brainchild – Aadhaar

In 2010, India started rolling out the 12-digit ‘Aadhaar’ – the unique, biometric-backed, national identification number for all its residents. The entire project required...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Part 1: The top tax scams in 2020

Introduction As we get closer to 15 October, this can mean only thing that most Americans hate doing: paying taxes (of course, if you are...