Nigerian banks launch facial biometrics

Two African banks are launching authentication with facial biometrics for financial services. Nariametrics reports Access Bank in Nigeria is introducing a new facial biometric payment...


This article focuses on the innovative optical technology SPARK®, designed for front-line authentication required for level one protection. The cutting-edge technology - encompassing patented...
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Millions of Hong Kong residents eligible for UK citizenship

Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK will give Hong Kong residents who hold a specific kind of passport a pathway to UK citizenship. NDTV reports...

The Good Health Pass Initiative

Almost daily we hear of new digital health credentials being deployed or developed around the globe. Examples include ICC, CommonPass (by Common Trust), the...

What is the Role of Penetration Testing Teams? (Part 1)

When it comes to diagnosing the health of a company’s IT and Network Infrastructures, Penetration Testing is like an angiogram for detecting vulnerabilities. The...

Keesing Documentchecker

Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

The European Digital Identity in Active Implementation

2022, a pivotal year: this year marks a high point in the constitution of the European Digital Identity, which is being implemented with the...