Hand geometry recognition

Hand geometry recognition is one of the oldest biometric technologies today; in fact, it is even older than that of fingerprint recognition. It is...

Former Rolls-Royce boss now head of De La Rue

De La Rue has announced their new chief executive as the troubled banknote printer seeks to reshuffle its business to deal with a series...

Business Case Homeland Security

This is an invitation to take a step back from your usual responsibilities and to follow these personal views and experience of the author,...
banknote of the year

Banknote of the Year

The latest nominations received for the International Banknote Society’s Banknote of the Year are Kenya's 500-shilling note, Eastern Caribbean States’ 10-dollar note and Singapore's...
facial recognition

Japan tests facial recognition at train stations

Japan plans to use a facial recognition solution that allows people to take the train just by showing their face, without having to use...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Vein Pattern Recognition ‘most versatile biometric’

In Part 1 of this series, Ravi Das introduced Vein Pattern Recognition, believed to be giving serious competition to the most traditional biometric modalities....

The oldest biometric of all