The story of standardisation

In November 1944, 54 States attended the International Civil Aviation Conference in Chicago. At the end of this conference a Convention on International Civil...
coronavirus travel

Travel restrictions rife due to coronavirus

In China, more than 56 million people have been prevented from travelling in an attempt to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Al Jazeera...

Libra’s early version now available

Facebook’s blockchain digital currency Libra isn’t available just yet, but an "open-source testnet" is currently available for developers. The testnet is described as “an early...

Smart card middleware technology

Smart card middleware is a software component connecting a smart card with an application such as a web browser. In this article, Markus Hoffmeister...
Schengen Visa rules

Schengen Visa rules for multiple-entry permit now clearer

With the updated Schengen Visa Code that introduced new rules on the procedures of applying for a Schengen Visa, the process for getting a...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

FIDO: A secure alternative for electronic IDs?

Dr Bernd Zwattendorfer & Navneeta Deo Infineon Technologies Electronic IDs (eIDs) are typically the means of choice for securing online identification and authentication processes in data-sensitive...