germany austria

Germany, Austria extend border controls

The German Ministry of Interior has decided to extend border controls with Austria for another six months. Schengen Visa Info reports the ministry determined that...

Identity, Authority and Attribution System

A model is a metaphor; a construct of philosophical indirection that is especially useful in understanding new and/or complex concepts. It can be quite...

Dual citizenship allowed in Norway

From next year onwards, Norway will allow dual citizenship for its citizens. This means that foreign residents who qualify for Norwegian nationalisation can keep their...
brexit border control

Biometrics at heart of Brexit border control

Biometrics will be at the heart of the UK’s planned border control policy. Science Direct reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to introduce a...
bahamas banknote

Bahamas issues new banknote

The Central Bank of The Bahamas has released its new BSD 5 banknote, the seventh instalment in its CRISP Evolution family of banknotes. Consistent with...

Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

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Reducing the Environmental Impact of Identity Documents

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. This document aims to outline the ongoing work and the various...