new croatian id

New Croatian ID gets face, fingerprints on chip

Croatia will launch electronic ID cards with facial and fingerprint biometric data stored on a secure chip next year, Vecernji List reports. Fingerprints from both...

Disruptive technologies in personal identification

In 2012, Smithers Pira published a major new study called ‘Ten-year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Personal Identification to 2022’1. The target of the...
facial recognition

China launches facial recognition 5G-powered glasses

Customs officers in Shenzhen, China, now have biometric facial recognition 5G-powered glasses to scrutinize people crossing the border. The Standard reports that the technology has...
costa rica

Costa Rica now open to various tourists

Costa Rica has opened its borders to citizens from the Schengen Zone, European Union, United Kingdom and Canada. Gustavo Segura, Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister, says...

Part 2: Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt In Part 1 of this series, the authors described why colour and other artwork cues can help counterfeiters...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Title: How To Protect Your Smartphone – Part 2

Introduction In this article, we continue to examine some of the remediative actions that you can take to protect your wireless devices. The Best Practices Keep up...