Digital driver’s license

During the last two years, studies have been launched in several US states to explore the technical feasibility of a digital driver’s license (DDL)....


INTERPOL’s Financial and High Tech Crime/Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (FHT/CSDB) is responsible for establishing programmes that provide forensic support, operational assistance and technical...
Guyanese ID card

Biometric Guyanese ID card possibly underway

David Granger, President of Guyana, said the South American country’s government is considering the introduction of a single national identification card. The idea is that...

Namibia celebrates 30th anniversary with commemorative banknote

Namibia will soon issue a commemorative banknote in honour of the country's 30th independence anniversary. New Era reports the Bank of Namibia will issue the...

Multiple citizenship

The number of persons holding more than one passport has grown considerably in the last ten years – a trend that is likely to...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

FIDO: A secure alternative for electronic IDs?

Dr Bernd Zwattendorfer & Navneeta Deo Infineon Technologies Electronic IDs (eIDs) are typically the means of choice for securing online identification and authentication processes in data-sensitive...