Optical security media

Increasing the security and utility of national identity programmes is one of the most pressing concerns of governments around the world, driving the evolution...

New Zealand changes visa conditions for partners

Immigration New Zealand has changed the conditions for visa applications by its citizens’ partners. Earlier this year, new guidelines made it more difficult for couples...

Libra’s early version now available

Facebook’s blockchain digital currency Libra isn’t available just yet, but an "open-source testnet" is currently available for developers. The testnet is described as “an early...

The future of identity management

Being able to prove one’s identity is a prerequisite for administrative, social and economic inclusion in the modern world. Citizens lacking a recognised form...
zimbabwe banknotes

Zim: New notes to ‘curb illegal cash market’

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will introduce a new set of banknotes in the next few weeks to increase physical money supply and curb...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Part 1: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Introduction There are many devices, computers, workstations, wireless devices, and even IT infrastructures that are now interconnected amongst one another. There is a technical term...

Part 1: Cryptojacking