Gesture biometrics

According to media reports, gesture-based biometrics are evolving rapidly, their usage primarily being associated with mobile devices and near field communications (NFC). The concept...

Free visa for Emiratis in Kiribati

From 23 October, Emiratis with a diplomatic, special or ordinary passport can travel to the Republic of Kiribati without a pre-entry visa for stays...

Venezuelans need visa in Dominican Republic

Venezuelans who moved to the Dominican Republic due to the economic and humanitarian crisis will need a visa as of 16 December. Until then they...

Croatia gets green light to join Schengen Area

The European Commission says Croatia is well on its way to join the Schengen Area. The commission, which is an executive branch of the European...

Tracking issues in travel documents

The technical standards for machine readable travel documents (MRTDs) have existed for nearly four decades, as originally published by the International Civil Aviation Organization...


Checking the world’s ID documents and banknotes

Part 1: Biometrics in The Cloud

The Cloud Before we delve any deeper as to what how biometric technology can be deployed into The Cloud, we must first have a basic...